Our commitment is to make medical grade cannabis easily accessible to all medical patients and to the dissemination of information on all forms of cannabis use, medical treatments, current scientific research and methods of administration.  We give the awakened gift; the ability to ease a multitude of ailments and symptoms,

 without the risk of addiction or dependence. 

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       We are a collective of compassionate caregivers serving the medicinal cannabis needs of our members located in the San Francisco Bay Area peninsula and surrounding cities. Please see our service areas for details. Our medical delivery service is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most effective pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products to patients of all ailments. With a variety of delivery methods and strains to choose from, CBD, THC and hybrid options, Bodhi Pharma has your medicinal marijuana solution. Please note that all orders require $80 minimum and transactions are cash only at this time. All members must be 21 years of age or older and have a valid medical cannabis recommendation in order to apply. Click to register now.



      The word Bodhi in Buddhism is the understanding possessed by a Buddha regarding the true nature of workings of the Universe, or dharma. It is traditionally known as a state of "awakening." You may also know the term 'Bodhi' from the legend of the bodhi tree, the tree under which Siddhartha achieved nirvana, becoming Buddha. This knowledge was an ancient one of balance, harmony, and polarities. Thankfully, gaining a greater understanding of mind - body medicine are now at the forefront of modern medical science, re-awakening a lost knowledge base. 




       2017 welcomed a new time of enlightened legislation here in California and Jan 1st, 2018 we celebrated, although bitter-sweetly at times, the statewide legalization of recreational marijuana. Due to ever changing state and county regulation (seriously, it's a daily thing...) prices and brands we work with may vary in the months following cannabis legalization. To ensure that we can continue to provide the amazing quality products our patients have come to love, we will be maintaining our medical cannabis dispensary status. 


     Join us and the mountain of independently conducted scientific research from across the globe indicating the many therapeutic and holistic treatments cannabis offers to the human body. 




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